Holiday Greeting 2015!

IMG_6450 - Version 2It was recently brought to my attention that I’d overlooked writing a zippy Holiday Greeting for this year. So, as I sit here and muddle through a typical Saturday morning hangover haze, let me take a moment to wish you all a joyous Holiday Season. Yadda, yadda….ahhhh, whatever.

This past year was a particularly monumental one for the Giddy’s…though at the moment I can’t exactly recall why. I do remember that over the summer we actually got married once again as a part of the Giddy’s #10yearsofHell tour. It was nice, wearing a suit in 110 degree Las Vegas desert heat in front of The Bellagio fountains amongst a collection of assorted vagrants and hoboes. Then we went into the casino and proceeded to lose our shirts. Fun shit.

We also welcomed a new member into the Giddy clan as Nipsey Russell joined our herd. Yes, he’s small, soft and cute but he’s also loud and annoying. Imagine Nipsey Russell jumping on your head at the crack of dawn every morning and you’ll see just how pleasant things are here every day. Oh well, have to get up 12316133_10156211489195214_8437897164337873841_nanyway I guess.

And what would Christmas be in Giddyland without the god damned bells in the foyer? If you had a minute of your life wasted by viewing the Carol of The Bells video on the homepage you’ll see the agony I have to endure every season. No matter how I try I can’t walk into either room to the side without slamming my skull on the bells. I know they’re there, hanging right in the center of the entry, but it never fails; I’m going to have them smack me in the head and startle me into creating a new and interesting collection of foul language. Ahh, I guess every family has their own Holiday tradition.

Here’s hoping this season brings you all new and creative stories to bore your children and children’s children with for many years to come.



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