Holiday Greeting 2016!

It’s that jolly time of year where Mrs. Giddy reminds me to sit down and come up with some sort of Happy Holiday message to share with friends, family and foes alike. Be creative and funny she says, like that’s something one can easily turn on and off. Don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to turning this past year off.

This year we took a little different approach with our annual Giddy Holiday card (we cheaped out and ran out of stamps early, so if you don’t have your own copy – you can see it here, we’re going more digital ya see, kinda like Newsweek). We won’t bore you with any more idealistic views of what we feel the world should be. Let’s just say we can all do better.

We hope you and yours had a wonderful year. Truth be told, we’re quite fortunate in what life has presented us, and are thankful each day for that. Seems silly to complain of the little annoyances that arise from time to time – but we do. We also get past it – even as every day the world just gets a little bit louder.

amb_6772Mrs G. has been hard at work becoming a TV Producer/Mogul. The Lounge has been coming soon for most of the year – but next year it will actually premiere…and chances are probably pretty good that it’ll end up being shamelessly promoted on the Giddy Holiday card.

(Check out what’s going on with The Lounge here)

In addition to the show, we’ve had the pleasure of shooting a fair amount of promotional videos/commercials over the past year. If you look closely in several of them, you might notice my right hand making an appearance. Thought I caught part of my left arm briefly in another one. It’s pretty much been decided that I really do have a face for radio, so the cutting room floor is filled with my on screen appearances.

sydSydney and Nipsey Russell starred along with Mrs. G in a commercial for a doggie supplement. Now they have their own agent, and we’re 14615783_10210646558859561_5316435945219148877_ocurrently embroiled in a somewhat bitter negotiation for more biscuits and rawhide bones than we’re willing to offer. Thinking it might be easier to just trade them off now for a couple of prospects while their value is at its highest. Nobody wants a couple of divas on the team anyway.

On the home front, we had a more or less uneventful year…as of this writing, nothing has exploded this year, making it an unusually long run without having to replace a major appliance, or someone’s eyebrows. So that’s something.

Here’s hoping your Holiday’s are joyous, and your New Year is filled with peace, love and understanding. There’s really nothing funny about that.



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