Holiday Greeting 2017!

Greetings once again from the Giddy’s!

Ok, enough with the superlatives.  It’s the weekend before Christmas and as has become tradition here, it’s time we sit down and formulate another snappy Holiday Greeting.  After all, what exactly is the Holiday Season without our Grinch-like perspective on the world and how it pertains to us? Pretty cold and barren if you ask us.

Initially, we put this site out to save a few bucks on stamps.  Sending out our annual Giddy card had become a monumental task each year…everyone wanted to get in on the list for the card.  No matter that they most always reflected inside jokes funny pretty much to just us, and often featured horribly photo-shopped nonsense that we most likely created while baked out of our beans. For some inexplicable reason, folks from all walks of life wanted access to the annual card.  So, several years ago, we went digital and this site was born to house convenient online viewing of our Holiday cheer.

We thought that it might actually improve the quality and creativity of our Giddy designs, as we narrowed down the actual hard copy of the card to a precious few.  Well, if you’re among the precious and received your hard copy of this year’s abomination, you know that is most certainly not the way things have turned out.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Ya see, this year we had one idea.  One.  Somehow or another it was deemed important to us to include the oft-photo shopped picture of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie smuggly sitting in his reinforced beach chair while his constituents were kept off the sand.  No real reason why, we don’t actually live in New Jersey of course, we just thought it would be funny.  And it was, till we started trying to design the card.

Like many among us, we’ve spent much of the year angry.  This is neither the time nor place to vent about our view of our current societal state, but we felt it important to restrain ourselves from being a little too over-the-top in our card design.  This year though, we thought we’d share some of our 2017 rejected designs here to give you an idea as to our state of mind in this festive season.

Here’s one we almost sent…

Not actually offensive of course, but Santa sprawled beneath the burden of package delivery and stress sort of encapsulated our current mood.  You may read into the Snowflakes reference any way you wish.

Here’s another that almost made it to the printer…

Alright, maybe just a bit too dark for the Season…though we thought the one below to be a bit darker…

The background is an artistic rendition of the fiery depths of Hell.  That being rejected, you know we couldn’t follow through with the next card.

See what we mean – no doubt we’d lose some friends on that one.  Below is a version that belies the old adage that one should never look to design a jolly Holiday card while pissed off…

That one would have really upset a few folks, so we tossed it in the scrap bin and went back to the drawing board.  Utilizing Bill Murray always seemed like a good idea, but we worried about the inevitable licensing issues and moved on once again.

Shame, really liked that one.

Oh well, so much effort resulted in our final design.  More out of resignation than actual approval we delivered the cheap looking 2017 Giddy Holiday card and took some solace out of the fact we didn’t get too nauseous from licking the envelopes this year. It’s the little things that sometimes give you the strength to get out of bed in the morning.

Anyway, for those who haven’t received the hard card – it’s below.  For you and everyone else, congratulations on making it this far – hope your Holiday season is a Happy One and that the New Year allows you to avoid turmoil and pitfalls more often than not.